Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Stash - The "I've been to Tokyo and bought lots of fabric but am so stuffed I can't show it all to you" edition!

I'm home.  Crawled in to my own bed at 3.30am this morning.  Had a few hours sleep and then have powered on through today - handing out gifts to the kids and husband, sorting all my washing out and then heading to the shops for a SANDWICH!!!!

Tokyo was amazing.  Totally and utterly mind blowing.  I promise I will come back when I am more awake and able to type eloquently.  In the meantime, I leave you with this.....

Approximately 14 kilos of fabric.  That I somehow have to make fit in to my sewing room shoe box.  I may seriously need to destash before they move in.

Needless to say - the fabric shopping in Tokyo is THE BOMB.  Before I almost passed out and lost all energy, I did manage to take lots of pretty photos of these beauties, and will endeavour to have a full blog post featuring them all next Sunday Stash!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Winner Winner - Tokyo Dinner!

I know, I know - It's supposed to be winner, winner, chicken dinner - but I couldn't help myself!  You see, whilst this post is popping up on my FB page, your inbox or wherever else you read my posts - I'm in the air on my way to Tokyo!  I am currently sitting here on the computer at home, having just finished my lunch after a last minute dash to my son's high school to - ahemmm - sort out some "stuff".  Kids.  Anyway - I digress!  My suitcase is sort of packed, the house is sort of clean, I have written a plethora of phone numbers and instructions on the fridge for the kids and the husband.  I've weighed my suitcase, then edited it heavily.  It's still rather hefty though.  I'm blaming all the stuff I'm taking over for my Tokyo BFF and her kids AND a couple of realllly heavy magazines for Alyce!

I've booked my excess baggage for my return, and went and exchanged the cash my Mum gave me yesterday to purchase her fabric.  I've transferred money to my credit card to pay for the fabric I will be purchasing for myself.  I think I've got the fabric funds sorted....

Japan must be very excited about my impending arrival, because they've scheduled a SUPER TYPHOON in my honour!  Woohooo!  Ummmmm.......

I think I'm prepared.  I hope I'm prepared.  Nine days away from my family, in a foreign country.  I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't nervous.

Soooooo - I'll see you on the flip side!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram - because something else I've pre-arranged is portable wi-fi!  I'm gonna instagram the s*it out of Tokyo!  And you know I'm going to have some of the most epic Sunday Stash posts in history when I return......

Back to the winners......  Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter my little giveaway for a copy of my Charm Dash Pattern! tells me the winners are:

Check your inbox ladies!  There's a little old pattern awaiting your attention!

And to everyone who has already purchased my pattern - THANK YOU!  I seriously want to email you all individually to say how much I love you and your faith in my ability!  I look forward to seeing a whole bunch of Charm Dash quilts popping up!

Have a fabulous week everyone! xxx

Going Plum Crazy

One thing I have found throughout this quilting world of ours, is how very giving quilty friends can be!  My lovely friend Laura from Quokka Quilts released her very own pattern last week - PLUM CRAZY - and on the same day, shared the news of my pattern release!  Now how nice is that?

So in the spirit of friendship, I'm sharing right back!  Laura's quilt pattern is a great fat quarter buster and if you check out some of her pattern testers quilt tops, you will see how gorgeous it can look in any array of fabrics.

Plum Crazy pattern by Quokka Quilts HERE

I think we shall name this week the #bestfabricdeliveryweekever this is my (first) #massdrop purchase! @alisonglass yummies!

I'm contemplating whipping one up using my bundle of Alison Glass prints.  Or you know, just flying by the seat of my pants and pulling an eclectic mix from my stash!  Laura is having a Plum Crazy Hop Along this week, you can check out everyone else's take on the pattern as shown below:
4/10 - Sara @ in Chicago
5/10 -  Serena @ in Perth
6/10 - MR @ in Canada
7/10 - Teje @ in Greece
8/10 - Vera @ in the Czech Republic
9/10 - Alyce @ in Japan
10/10 - Katy @ in Scotland
Go check them all out!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bonnie & Camille Charm Along - Progress Report

The Bonnie & Camille Charm Along kicked off a couple of weeks ago, so today, we're checking in with some of the participants!  Brace yourself for some serious eye candy!

B&C Charm Along Progress
This big beauty is mine!  I decided to keep my project very simple.  A beautiful 9 patch with white sashing.  Easy.

B&C Charm Along Progress
But I couldn't be too boring - so added these little hourglass/bowtie corner stones!  LOVE them!  This is single bed size and once I get myself sorted and finish it, will be added to my ETSY STORE.

Now - on to all the amazingly talented participants....
Emma's beautiful giant star blocks.

Susan has used my Charm Dash pattern for her charms - I feel so special!

Anna's beautiful pinwheels.

Love this grey background on Kate's quilt top.

You know how much I love colour graduation in a quilt top!  This one is by Shelly.
Yvette has "whipped up" this amazing postage stamp quilt top!

Far out brussell sprout!  I ADORE Melanie's project!!!!

Can't go past yummy stars - by Claire.

WOWSERS!!!!  Love your work Kristi!

Kate is mixing it up with green sashing and borders.

No words can explain just how much I adore this quilt top by Sue!

And Meg's Cross quilt top is yummy!

 So, once again, I think this shows just how versatile the charm square can be?  There are even more amazing projects being worked on - check out the hashtag #charmalong on Instagram!

If you haven't already joined in, it's not too late to start.  The linky doesn't open until the 20th of October and will be open until the 27th!  So go get cracking!

Don't forget - there are some amazing prizes up for grabs, including lots of fabulous Australian businesses!

The lovely Camille Roskelley has offered FIVE lucky participants their choice of ONE PDF pattern from her amazing range - including a couple of stunning new patterns!
A $50 voucher to spend on the amazing range of Quilter's Solids at The Oz Material Girls.  
(Part of voucher is to cover postage costs).

Live Love Sew has kindly donated a Scrumptious Layer Cake AND a copy of her X's & O's quilt pattern!

$50 Voucher AND a Miss Kate Layer Cake!
Machine embroidered Towel, hand towel & face washer set, made to order, kindly donated by one of our charm swap members - Meg Pease.

A SIX MONTH subscription to Make Modern Magazine! Please note: You will receive access to the next three Make Modern issues published after you subscribe. If you subscribe after Issue 1 is published on 1 September, you will receive Issue 2 onwards

Pretty amazing yes?  Be sure to go and check out all of the wonderful Australian businesses sponsoring the charm along!

And talking about prizes, if you haven't already entered to be in the running for a copy of my CHARM DASH PATTERN, pop over to THIS POST and enter!  Winners will be drawn tomorrow morning!

I'm linking up - You can too!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#f*cktober - A Cushion For Eden

**Potty Mouth Alert**

A couple of weeks ago, Beth from Babymac wrote a beautiful blog post for her friend Eden.  Eden and Beth are REAL life friends - meeting through their blogging world, but becoming face to face friends instantly.  I don't know either of them in real life, but feel like I've gotten to know them somewhat through years of reading their blogs.  Especially Eden's.  Eden writes like there is no tomorrow.  Sometimes, literally.  I have commented on her blog hundreds of times over the years, especially last year when I was going through a rather turbulent time with a family member and her battle with mental illness.  Reading Eden's blogs - her feelings, her perspective, helped me infinitely in trying to understand what my family member was going through.  I would tell them this, tell them I was trying to understand and trying to help and that I felt like Eden was helping me too.  Through her words.

Sooooo, when Beth put out the call to help Eden get through a really shitty October, I was very quick to answer the call!  Beth re-named this month #fucktober.  With a hashtag - cos everything needs a hashtag!  Now obviously, I was going to make something.  But what?  This is what I came up with.....

#fucktober cushion for Eden 

One of the most divine cushions I've ever made of course.  Eden has a "thing" for feathers.  So I printed out one of Quiet Play's arrow patterns and then turned to my fabric for help.  After half an hour of trying to work out colours, it hit me - WORDS!  So out came all of my text fabrics....

#fucktober cushion for Eden 

And with painstaking patience, I fussy paper pieced words in to the pattern.  Not just any words, but ones which have power and meaning.

#fucktober cushion for Eden 

I used this sensational Essex yarn dyed linen and pulled out some spools of 12wt and 28wt Aurifil I was sent.  Experimenting with the denser threads was really good fun, and I'm happy to report that it worked beautifully in my sewing machine, with a 40wt thread in the bobbin!  The texture in the cushion cover is amazing.

#fucktober cushion for Eden

I was also very happy to discover that I had enough of this divine feather print for the backing.  I think it's perfect.

So, I sent this little present off on its way last week with a little note for Eden - Words are weapons.  Eden uses hers for good.  I have no idea if you have received it Eden, or if you even read my blog hahahah.  But I really hope you like it and that it puts a smile on your dial.

If you'd like to send something to Eden for #fucktober, you can head over to Beth's blog post HERE for all the details.  I don't think Eden's local post office will know what's hit them!

Sew Cute Tuesday

Fresh Poppy Design

Monday, October 6, 2014

Charm Dash Pattern Testers & A Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who gave me such wonderful feedback and encouragement on the release on my first ever quilt pattern - Charm Dash!  I was a little overwhelmed by everyone's kind words and even more overwhelmed that some of you actually bought it!  Hoorah!  If you missed my post last week, then you can check it out HERE.  And just because we all love pretty pictures, here is the pattern cover photo....

Charm Dash Pattern by Ms Midge

Now, in case you don't know, getting a pattern ready to be released to the world is rather time consuming!  It is also a little stressful, and comes with a little lot of self-doubt.  Well, this was my experience anyway!  A few things made the process a little easier for me:

1.  Supportive quilty friends
2. Understanding husband and children
3. Chocolate

Some of my supportive quilty friends offered up their time to test the pattern for me.  Others proof read it for me, and gave me incredibly constructive feedback to make the pattern more user friendly and in turn, better.  I could not have asked for more!

So today, I am sharing with you some of their fabulous work!

My number one cheer leader, Angie from Gnome Angel, took my first draft written instructions to see if they made any sense whatsoever.  I was beyond thrilled when she sent me through a photo of her finished block.  Angie used some much loved AMH and Cotton + Steel.  I am so looking forward to her finished quilt top!

Emma Hill was one of the first to throw her hand in the air when I put the call out for pattern testers.  And, I kid you not, she had four blocks done a few hours later, and ten days later, her quilt was finished and I had this amazing photo to drool over!  Emma chose to make a baby size quilt, using a 3x3 layout, which I think works beautifully!

The lovely Lea actually offered to pattern test for me before I was even looking!  She didn't let me down, with this delightful fussy cut version.  I love the colour palette she has chosen.

Kelli has started her quilt top, using these beautiful fabrics!  I love the mix of teal, green and purple!

And this amazing piece of work is from the lovely Katrina!  She has switched around the rectangular print block placement, which gives it a whole new look again!  

And a close up just so you can see exactly how yummy the blocks are!

And last but not least, the lovely Susan purchased my pattern to use for her Bonnie & Camille charms!  I was so thrilled when she showed me this photo!  Perfection!

So - there you go!  Some beautiful versions of the Charm Dash, which gives you an idea of just how versatile the pattern is.  If you would like to grab a copy for yourself, you can find it in my Craftsy Store or Etsy Store.

And to celebrate the release, I'm having a little old giveaway!  I have two copies ready to email to two lucky readers.  All you have to do to be in the running, is tell me which charm packs you would use for my Charm Dash pattern?  The giveaway starts now and closes 8am Thursday morning.  The two winners will be announced later that day!


stitch by stitch

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Charm Dash Pattern Release!

I am just a little bit excited, mixed with a little bit nervous about finally sharing my first ever quilt pattern with you all!  The Charm Dash quilt pattern came about after a night of no sleep, wondering what to do with my Kate Spain charms!  I ended up getting out of bed and started scribbling on a piece of paper, in order to not forget what I had thought of.  Later that day, I played with my fabric and came up with a block design - the Charm Dash.

Charm Dash Pattern by Ms Midge 

The block itself reminds me of a mutant churn dash!  And when all of the blocks are pieced together, it gives a fantastic octagonal secondary pattern, which provides plenty of negative space for quilting!

Charm Dash Quilt Pattern by Ms Midge 

One of the best parts about this pattern is the fact that it uses 5" charm squares and there is absolutely NO wastage!  Which was perfect when utilising my beloved Kate Spain charm squares from the Aussie charm swap.  It is also a great way of showcasing fussy cut fabrics - with the centre square made for highlighting brilliant prints!

Charm Dash Pattern by Ms Midge 

All of that negative space was fun to fill.....

Charm Dash Pattern by Ms Midge 

I free motion quilted what I will call "vine tendrils" over the entire quilt top.  It has added a beautiful texture to the finished look.  

Charm Dash Pattern by Ms Midge 

I kept the backing simple.  But in an explosive kind of way!  I ADORE this blue print from Sunnyside.  It didn't need to be anything else but itself..... 

Charm Dash Pattern by Ms Midge

I utilised it for the binding too.

Although the pattern is for a throw size quilt, I have included cutting directions and block placement for Cot, Single and Queen size quilts also.

So.  I've designed a quilt.  Written a pattern for it.  And launched it out in to the world!  Who knew?  I'd like to throw out a HUGE thank you to a whole bunch of gorgeous quilty friends of mine, who have been so incredibly encouraging and have held my hand and cheered me on through this process.  You know who you are!  And another big thank you to my fabulous pattern testers!  You will be able to see their wonderful works of art very soon, when I devote a whole blog post to them!

For now - if you'd like to purchase a copy of the Charm Dash pattern, you can pop over to my Craftsy store HERE.  It's an instant download PDF, and the joy of having a Craftsy account means it's forever stored in your own little pattern library - never to be lost on your computer.


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